Confetti for Wikimedia

verlichte confetti IMG_3515
Paul Derrez’ Free (propaganda)-brooch (2013) and Confetti-ring (2012)

This week the Wikimedia community is partying because of the Erasmus prize. Today the community gets honoured with the appearance of the Dutch king who will hand over the prize in the former city hall in Amsterdam.

A time to enjoy. Joy. Gioia in Italian. Gioiello is the Italian word for jewel; a piece of joy; how wonderful.

This year jewellery artist and gallerist Paul Derrez is celebrating his 40th anniversary as an artist. The CODA museum in Apeldoorn opened the exhibition Paul Derrez, Maker, Sieraden en objecten 1975-2015 on the first of November with an overview of his oeuvre. The show will last until the 17th of January 2016. Next year Galerie Ra is to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary.

A pity though that for me Wikipedia, joy and jewels didn’t match that playful this year. I think it’s time to change those sad experiences and face Wikipedia to give it another try.

A good time to ask for attention for the presence of jewellery art(ists) on Wikipedia again. 2015 Was another interesting jewelyear in the Dutch and international landscape. I would have loved to write about all the ins and outs on Wikipedia but a few editors undid my contributions almost instantly. Those editors obviously didn’t want information about for instance public exhibitions with jewellery artists as participants in the encyclopedia.

Paul Derrez won a prestigious award as well this year: the German Herbert Hofmann-Preis, with his colourful and optimistic Dot brooch. A nice piece to wear on this festive day as well as some Confetti pieces. Time to share this powerful work and detailed information on Wikipedia.

To give it another try I reworked the articles on Dutch Wikipedia about Paul Derrez and his wellknown gallery Galerie Ra and started a new one about the Herbert Hofmann-Preis. Probably my contributions will be undone very quick. Please help me to protect the information about exhibitions, (museum) collections and publications in these articles. I think jewellery art(ists) deserve as much space in Wikimedia as for instance female porn actors, shirtsponsors of footballteams, Idols and pokémoncards. Anyone can edit.


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